This is our story

The Viscon Group is passionate about creating innovative, solid and smart logistic solutions for all handling processes in Food and Agro businesses. The Viscon DNA consists of asking many questions, learning every day and developing new business in new sectors and markets: constantly generating ideas in every aspect. Now we are active in Horticulture, Fresh Produce, Poultry and Food Industry.

One of our main strengths now, originated in our history, is the focus on several industry sectors. We take ideas from one sector, and bring them into the next. These constant crossovers bring innovation & inspiration to our people and the people we work with, everywhere we go. 

We believe in constant innovation.

Innovation is the heartbeat of our organisation. Constant ideas. We innovate everyday production by combining standard products with disruptive innovations. We like to focus on the entire supply chain, to see where we can create added value.

We believe in quality products.

At Viscon we believe that working with quality products and materials will make us long term partners. Our equipment is reliable and will stand the test of time. Due to our quality set ups our projects can easily be expanded. All our projects are built for intensive use and will keep your productions process constant and reliable over the long run.

We believe in fully designing your production process.

At Viscon we aim to know everything about each market we operate in. In order for us to make the best layouts for your specific company. We know the best partners in the business and will select them for you. We combine Viscon automation with specific equipment from our carefully chosen partners. Therefore you will always get the best solution. With Viscon you have access to a one stop shop. Even the central software system is available at Viscon.


We believe in a long term focus.

Viscon is a family business and therefore we are in it for the long run. Already in business since 1967 and therefor a long track record which helps us to provide  reliable solutions. We take pride in always finishing well. Whenever there are hickups, we have an excellent service to manage each one of them. Viscon Group is financially healthy and reliable. We are active in many sectors and all over the world, which helps us to maintain a constant workflow.









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Our roots


Since 1927 our company has been involved in automation in the agro/horticultural sector, where we started out in the flax industry, the soft wire mater all used to produce clothing. This company was established by the great grandfather of the current generation owners, Jan Visser. After the demise in the flax business, in 1967, the next Visser generation started to buy and sell equipment in the horticultural industry under the new company name ‘Visser Horti Systems’.


As the horticulture industry rapidly grew and diversified, it created a demand for custom made machinery. The Visser family took this opportunity and started to develop and manufacture their own machinery and provide custom made automation projects. Years later, the experience and success in horticulture led to expansion in different Agro & Food related sectors, such as ‘Fresh Produce’, ‘Poultry´ and ‘Food logistics’.


The company is now being run by Ton Visser, Els Visser and CEO René de Vos. With Viscon Group we aim to create innovative solutions for the smart movement of products in Agro & Food. We invite you to become part of the Viscon Experience where we provide expertise, consultancy and in house produced equipment for your company.