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Newly completed project at Nature’s Pride!

Nature’s Pride is located in the west of Holland and imports exotic
fruits and vegetables from all over the world to be ripened and/or (re)packed, and delivered to customers across Europe from there. Nature’s Pride distributes a wide range of nature’s exotic fruits and vegetable, from fast movers like mangos and avocados, to rarely found edible flowers.

Nature’s Pride’s original building opened in 2004. However in November 2013, due to a lack of space and the significant growth of the company, Nature’s Pride moved to a new beautifully designed building, 500 meters from its original position! The new building contains a fully automated production center, which has been designed and supplied entirely by Viscon Logistics.

This new building showcases an innovative five-layer storage system that retrieves pallets by means of wireless satellite devices. Forklifts or other manual processes are not required to store and retrieve the pallets from the required locations in this innovative new approach to maximize pallet positions in the allotted space.

Empty boxes are fed from this storage system into one of the seven (at this moment and expandable) automated packing lines. Every box is being tracked and traced, so the system delivers each individual box to the correct line.

Once the products are checked and graded they are placed in one of the many product carriers (from small carton trays to big totes). The seven packing lines finally end up at two palletizers which are able to handle up to 6000 containers/colli/loads per hour in total.

The final automation process has the pallet cornered and strapped, and the pallets move down to the expedition department or to an intermediate storage area where more order picking is being done.

As part of the overall project Viscon also produced and implemented:

  • A fully automated pallet zoning system to bring the pallets to the exact ripening chambers where they are to be stored.
  • A fully automated waste line system for cartons and plastic.
  • And Viscon Logistics Control provided all the required software to manage all systems. This software is fully integrated with the existing Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Innovation: Matrix System – High Density Automatic Storage

Viscon introduces the Matrix Storage System. The revolutionary and new Matrix Storage System is a fully automated system to store, sort, and further handle various products like pallets, and similar sized articles. These different loads/containers can even be handled at random, within the same system.

This innovative storage system has many advantages compared to the well-known systems in the market, for example stacker cranes (AS/RS systems). Viscon’s Matrix System combines the highest possible product storage density with high 24/7 capacity, maximum flexibility, and is functional in temperatures as low as -30 ºC.

The Matrix system is the next generation of storage systems! This system is able to handle storage areas with limited heights and is also suitable for product buffer systems. Are you interested in the new Viscon Solution?


  • Improved storage density; 70% increase compared to other systems.
  • High performance; by simultaneous orders on each individual layer.
  • The most optimal use of your building area; through a compact design.
  • Lower investment; a low price per pallet position.
  • Low maintenance; by using a minimal amount of driven components.
  • Optimal and safe access; by easily arranging all moving components to one side.
  • Integrated control software; which can be integrated seamlessly.

New Website

Viscon Logistics introduces a completely new website! Everything on storing, packing and sorting.
A fresh new portal for out-of-the-box and innovative logistic solutions!
At Viscon we like to have an open, innovative mind. We ask great questions, we generate ideas and create opportunities together with our customers.
When we see a crate, box, pallet or any other product carrier, the ideas start flowing in. We have an idea specifically for you!

Welcome to our new website

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