First place Siemens Application Award!

October 1st, 2014

The Siemens team visited the Viscon Group to officially announce that its’ Matrix Storage System won first place in Siemens application competition. The creativity and innovativeness of the Matrix System, drew the attention of many voters on the Siemens website. Currently the Dutch based Siemens website announced the award winners, but in the near future Siemens will introduce the winners internationally with a special company & product video.

The Viscon Matrix System is a storage system with groundbreaking technology which enables it to run wirelessly on self-charging ultracapacitors, thus providing 24/7 automation. This innovative storage system has many advantages compared to the well-known systems in the market, like stacker cranes (AS/RS systems). It combines the highest possible product storage density with high capacity and maximum flexibility.

Viscon Logistics developed this fully automated storage system for the renowned company ‘Nature’s Pride’. Nature’s Pride is an innovative company which specializes in importing, exporting, ripening, packing and distributing exotic fruits & vegetables. Natures Pride is a leading company with interesting storage challenges due to the extensive amount of products which are being processed, stored, and imported from around the globe. Viscon stepped up to this unique challenge and worked with the Nature’s Pride’s team to engineer a solution.

Viscon’s team developed a storage system that could handle packing materials of different varieties and containing numerous kinds of vegetables and fruits. This specially designed storage system is unique in its ability to utilize flexible ‘shuttle and satellite’ systems. Products are being transported to the designated levels by vertical conveyors. Every level contains at least one horizontally moving shuttle which transports the load to the required storage lane. This shuttle carries a unique self-powered satellite device that runs on rails in the storage lane for loading and unloading pallets. The satellite can deliver and retrieve the pallets wirelessly, all the way down the storage lane and ride back out to next task.

The communication and energy supply of the satellite devices runs wirelessly and ensures a 24/7 operation. The Matrix system satellites can operate wirelessly as they are powered by high tech ultracapacitors. The innovative technology enables the satellite to recharge on the shuttle during operation within seconds. The satellite can be charged limitlessly without battery capacity loss and is able to function at temperatures as low as -30 ºC.

The system uses a sophisticated controller from Siemens called SIMATIC S7-1500. This controller enables wireless control of the satellites and shuttles through industrial WiFi Access Points with RCoax and omnidirectional antennas. This controller receives the commands from the parent servers and distributes these to the underlying components. The SIMATIC S7-1500 contains abundant communication resources which makes it suitable for this storage application.

The controller receives the commands from the parent servers and distributes these to the underlying components. The SIMATIC S7-1500 contains abundant communication resources which makes it suitable for this storage application.

It is through this collaboration and the existing strong relationship that Viscon, and Siemens have developed and integrated this application successfully in our storage system.

Viscon Logistics is proud to have introduce this completely new, innovative, and reliable storage system into the market, with one of the leading distribution companies of fresh produce in Europe.

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