Fully-automated pick-up point for online shopping

Simply order online and then pick up your shopping order at a time that suits you without having to wait in any line. Wouldn’t that be great?
Last June, Viscon Logistics successfully provided a fully-automated system for an online grocery collection point at Haydock in the UK. This unmanned pick-up point allows customers to drive up to the site, scan in a QR code and collect their goods, which have been ordered online before.

Our automated system takes care of the entire product flow inside the building: ranging from the infeed of the sorted goods (as derived from external suppliers) up to the outfeed of the order and everything in between. Many different product carriers can flow through the system due to our patented carriers which are suitable for crates, cartons other small goods. Our intelligent storage system allows the pick-up point to process hundreds of orders per hour. It provides a reliable, safe and user-friendly order-picking process, ready to be used in consumer-environments.

This new shopping channel provides retailers new ways to reach potential customers on-the-go at collection locations, without having to invest in a traditional store. Viscon facilitates this new way of shopping by providing reliable automation, suitable for food, non-food as well as temperature-controlled products. Built in temperature zones even allow mixed storage of ambient, cooled and frozen products. The integrated software sorts and mixes every possible order on demand.

Please contact Viscon for more information on online shopping storage points!

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