Innovation: Matrix Pallet Storage System

The Matrix storage system is a fully automated system to store, sort, and further handle various products like pallets, and similar sized articles. This innovative storage system has many advantages compared to the well-known systems in the market, like stacker cranes (AS/RS systems). It combines the highest possible product storage density with high 24/7 capacity, maximum flexibility, and is functional in temperatures as low as -30 ºC. The Matrix is the next generation of storage systems!

Matrix concept

The Matrix system operates with innovative wireless satellites instead of traditional chain-driven storage lanes or telescope movements. Our vertical conveyors distribute the load to the required levels. Every level contains at least one horizontally moving shuttle which transports the load to the required storage lane. The shuttle carries a self powered satellite device that runs on rails in the storage lanes for loading and unloading pallets. Our fully integrated in house software ensures efficient routing and comes standardized or custom made.


  • Improved storage density; 70% increase compared to other systems.
  • High performance; by simultaneous orders on each individual layer.
  • The most optimal use of your building area; through a compact design.
  • Lower investment; a low price per pallet position.
  • Low maintenance; by using a minimal amount of driven components.
  • Optimal and safe access; by easily arranging all moving components to one side.
  • Integrated control software; which can be integrated seamlessly.

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