Central software systems

Viscon Logistics Control

Viscon Logistics Control (VLC) provides all the required functionality to manage your material handling processes. VLC prioritizes appointed products, ensures traceability and controls warehouses. It can also collect, manage and store the data coming from the material handling processes for re-use or track & trace purposes.


Fully integrated
Viscon software can support your logistics from A to Z as a standalone package, but can also seamlessly integrate your logistics into your ERP system. The development and maintenance of Viscon Logistics Control is done by Viscon’s own team of dedicated professionals, therefore the system can be customized to customers plans and wishes. It satisfies our customers that both mechanics and software can be designed and integrated by one supplier. This combined ownership, decreases matching risks and ensures you a seamless working system according to your needs. Moreover, it shortens the total implementation time and costs of the project.

Warehouse Control Software

Our Warehouse Control Software is an integral part of our turnkey solutions. With Viscon’s Warehouse Management System by Viscon Logistics Control (VLC-WCS) you are efficiently in control regarding your logictics in our compact storage systems, sorting lines and other logistical processes. With the VLC-WCS you have access to all current (and historical) data at any given moment, directly through our interface or via one of our own systems. With our graphic interface, with different information layers of your choice, our system can be controlled manually. By using this software you are able to add more intelligence to the routing, leading to higher efficiency.

Based on your preferred strategy for storage (high density of products or ABC) and retrieval (FIFO or LIFO) all processes are being handled as efficiently as possible by the VLC-WCS. The VLC-WCS proves this by using smart and proven algorithms, and by controlling and monitoring all other (mechanical and PLC) components directly. By using (automatic) scanners, buffers and other smart components, we make these processes fast, precise and safe.


Standard functionalities of our system are:

  • visualization
  • tracking & tracing
  • automated time alarms (for expire dates etc.)
  • HMI manual in and outfeed,
  • various storage status applications,
  • automated error handling,
  • maintenance settings,
  • pre-sorting truck loads
  • optimizing total storage in slow moments
  • priorities in routing
  • and many more.