Multiload storage system

More efficient order picking
Viscon developed a unique storage system for crates/stacks, boxes and other small items. Based on the well-known miniload (AS/RS) systems we realized a system that can make the difference in end of line buffering and in intermediate storage between sub-processes.

The Multiload concept
Using the Multiload concept, Viscon supplies an efficient solution to current problems with traditional mini-load systems (AS/RS). When price or limited space are roadblocks in using a traditional mini-load system, Viscon offers the unique solution. The Multiload system is provided with a handling device which can treat six locations simultaneously within one cycle. By using well designed and high end components, we are able to provide a compact system, with high capacity, a lower investment and usable in areas with limited heights. The system can be used in both food and non-food environments, and is limited to a maximum height of six meters.

Custom made product carriers
With our supplies department, where we design product carriers, we are able to offer standardized product carriers. Combined with our storage system you can reach even higher capacities and more reliability. We can also custom design a product carrier for your unique needs to create an even more efficient system, which could be further cost saving.

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This system can be beneficial in several phases:

  • Order picking and replenishment
  • End of line buffering storage and sorting
  • Intermediate storage between sub processes