Storage systems

Viscon Logistics designs and realizes automated storage systems for your warehouse or distribution centre. Our innovative solutions make the difference compared with the well-known systems in the market like stacker cranes (AS/RS systems), multi shuttles and mini loads. Viscon Logistics combines these innovative storage solutions with the in-house designed warehouse software, including FIFO/LIFO principles. Viscon’s storage systems have applications in a wide range of industries such as agro, food, non-food and retail. Using sophisticated module based systems we are able to create customized solutions, easy to adapt to every building. All additional handling necessary can be designed and produced by Viscon as well.

Large sized products

Like pallets, palletboxes or racks

The Vitrix storage system is a fully automated storage system based on chain-driven storage lanes. This makes the system particularly well-suited to handle extremely high loading capacities. In addition, this system has the highest possible product storage density.

This smart storage system combines the unique characteristics of our Vitrix storage system with an innovative, wireless storage device. As a result of a lower number of driven components, this system requires a lower investment, and very limited and simple maintenance.

Small sized products

Like boxes or crates

This unique Multiload system automatically stores and retrieves small items. The Multiload system is provided with a handling device which can treat six locations simultaneously within one cycle. This system provides high storing capacities and is usable in areas with limited heights.